Monthly Archives: April 2013

This project is old. This was the first job I ever did. In July 1991, and straight out of art college, I landed myself a job as a junior designer at Saatchi & Saatchi. Right place, right time.

The design departments Creative Director had just left, everyone was moving up a notch, leaving room for a new junior at the bottom (me). At that time Saatchi & Saatchi were celebrating their 21st Anniversary (and I’d just turned 21 too). Saatchi & Saatchi never did things by halves. To celebrate we decided to design a commemorative bottle of champagne. The job of designing the label came my way. On the actual day of the anniversary everyone came in to find a bottle of champagne on their desk… everyone. At the time that was over 800 people in Charlotte St alone.

I’ve still got mine, as you can see. Maurice and Charles Saatchi were famously reclusive, especially Charles. Very few photos existed of them together, apart from this one which was actually taken at the height of their game in the 80s. I decided to do a little pop art, Andy Warhol pastiche, which was also a nod to Charles growing art collection. The illustration style I used was quite unusual 21 years ago, really getting down and dirty with bitmaps and vectors in an early version of CorelDraw. It looks beautifully dated now.

I’m certain that not many of these have lasted this long. I think most were consumed and discarded on the actual day. Mine has remained unopened for over 22 years. A little memento of my first real job, in the very unreal world of Saatchi & Saatchi. Maybe It’ll fetch a future grandchild a few quid at the 2120 Antiques Roadshow one day? Who knows?


21st anniversary champagne that was given to all employess at Saatch & Saatchi in 1991